Safety Is The Best Defense And A Sweet Story: Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric doctor who works with kids in New Jersey. He has more than forty years of experience when it comes to treating childhood illnesses and emergencies. He was born in Palestine but eventually made his way to England and finally to the United States. His advice to people just getting into the profession is to work hard and persevere. That is what made him such a success over the years.

Before he left for England and the United States He studied in Cairo and worked at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He even kept a close eye on the health of the Royal Family. He learned quite a bit about procedures to help children of all kinds and he comes back each year to help children around the world. Now Sr. Saad Saad has some advice for parents on how to prevent a choking hazard with a child.

The first thing that Saad Saad recommends to parents with children under two years old is to not give them hot dogs to eat. He says that if a child under two eats a hot dog too quickly or doesn’t chew it enough it can get lodged in the child’s throat. Another thing that he recommends for children under seven years old is not eating peanuts. He says that the peanut or the peanut shell can get stuck in the throat and be very dangerous for children. He also says not to let young sibling put things in other children’s mouths. The child may not know what the object is and it could be a disastrous situation.

One thing that Saad Saad stresses to parents is to keep batteries away from children and keep a close watch when it comes to children playing with battery operated toys. The main reason for this is that batteries are small and can easily be ingested by young children. The danger lies in the fact that batteries have acid in them and it could burn the esophagus or stomach of the child.

He also shared one of his favorite stories about an object that had to be removed from a child’s throat. A young girl was about to lose one of her baby teeth. WWhen she started to cough the tooth came out and she accidentally swallowed it. The tooth got stuck in her throat and she was afraid the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come to see her. Saad Saad removed the tooth and the girl did get a visit from the Tooth Fairy the following night.

Hearing a story such as this is the reason why Dr. Saad Saad does what he does. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Learn more: