The Success Of The Go-getter, Heather Parry

Heather Parry is a self-driven, passionate and a hard working lady. Parry is the founder of the Nation production, a giant in the film and television division of the live entertainment. She launched this company in 2015 after working in several production companies. Heather started small as a worker at the MTV news, and due to her relentlessness, rose up the ranks to the West Coast Bureau Chief. At this position, she directed several famous movies making her an asset to the organization. Heather left MTV, to join the Sandler’s Happy Madison production. She worked as the head of the film and was so productive. One of the famous movies she worked on was ‘the happy bunny.

Heather Parry

Heather believes that teamwork is the key to success and this is seen by how she runs the company. Parry feels every person in the art field has different unconventional angles and all should be given an opportunity to expound on their viewpoints. Apart from parry’s zeal. Her contact list plays a significant role in her company. This list of contact was created when she worked for the MTV news desk, and via this list, she can get more information on various projects.

Heather’s current objective was to maximize her assets to promote music-related films. It’s from this objective that Nation productions had the opportunity to produce ‘A star is born’, one of the biggest film. Parry knew that Bradley Was to direct this film, and she saw an opportunity to produce it. Being the go-getter she is, she had dinner with Bill Gerber’s, and after him visiting the Nation’s media marketing desk, he was convinced that they would make it. Heather believes that opportunities are out there and it’s up to her to grab them.