Gino Pozzo’s Incredible Record In The World Of Football And His Ongoing Project At Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is a well known name in the football world with his indisputable record of taking over low ranked football teams and transforming them into top competitive teams in their respective home leagues. He is the current owner of Watford Football Club that plays in the English Premier League. He is an individual who was raised in a family that was passionate about football in Italy. His father even owned the Udinese, a football club based in Italy.

In his early adulthood, Gino Pozzo went to the United States of America where he pursued attained his Masters degree from Havard University. When he got engaged to a Catalan companion, he moved to Spain where he lived for two decades before going to England to be involved in the day to day running of his newly acquired football club, Watford. Gino Pozzo has been a force to reckon with as a result of the efforts and his ability in helping the family owned businesses expand globally especially sports interests.

When he took over Watford in 2012, the club was playing in the Fourth Division league, but with his able leadership and scouting prowess and know how, Watford now plays in the English Premier League which is well known globally to be one of the best league. His impact at the club is very evident with the the tremendous transformation he has brought to the club which continues to competitively play in the Premier League up to date. He has been hailed by many to be one of the best club owners globally. He continues to invest in the club to ensure that the loyal fans continue to enjoy the club they love as well as increase its fan base globally.He has proved over the years his great management skills in what he does.

Rick Cofer: A Lawyer With a Heart

A successful criminal defense attorney named Rick Cofer has a history of providing for the city of Austin and its whole community. He has been serving the less fortunate and has been very genuine and supportive to the LGBTQ community. Cofer has been dedicated to building opportunities in order to help others to live a better life and since he is a Texas Health Action and Kind Clinic board member, he firmly believes that through their service, change can happen in the city of Austin.

Rick Cofer is a firm believer that people deserve and need personalized defenses in the court of law. Thus, he also believes in improving the lives of others especially the LGBTQ community of Austin. He is very passionate when it comes to being open and being there for the needs of others.

Support the LGBTQ Community

The city of Austin is known for its diversity and range of the population. It is a city that attracts a lot of tourists because of the vibrant destinations and the hospitality of the people residing in the state and those who live in the country. Austin is well-known for its friendly and open-minded nature which is why it became a popular place to live specifically for the people who are part of the LGBTQ.

In addition to this, the city also aims to prioritize more comprehensive and affordable health care. Last October 2018, Rick Cofer Law was the main sponsor for the Kind Clinic in Austin in setting up a Halloween ball for the benefit of every individual part of the LGBTQ community and for their healthcare needs and requirements. Despite being open to various pride month events, and clubs that specifically cater to the LGBTQ community within the area, they felt that there is something missing which is the security of their health and wellness.

Rick Cofer saw the need for funding in terms of safety, food, and shelter. Statistics from a recent study of Texas Pride Impact Funds showed that the population of the LGBTQ are in need of the following mentioned. On the other hand, the Texas Health Action and Kind Clinic continues to provide health care and also emphasizes on the sexual health of the whole community, both straight and gay people. They saw the importance of addressing the sexual health needs.

Knowledge, Inclusion, Nurture, and Dedication. That is what the word Kind stands for and the meaning behind the four helps people understand of what the doctors and the clinic believe in, as well as how they will provide the necessary treatment and care for the community and the LGBTQ. The clinics will be able to give the right amount of care to their patients, regardless of identity, age, sexual orientation, income, and race.

The Success Of The Go-getter, Heather Parry

Heather Parry is a self-driven, passionate and a hard working lady. Parry is the founder of the Nation production, a giant in the film and television division of the live entertainment. She launched this company in 2015 after working in several production companies. Heather started small as a worker at the MTV news, and due to her relentlessness, rose up the ranks to the West Coast Bureau Chief. At this position, she directed several famous movies making her an asset to the organization. Heather left MTV, to join the Sandler’s Happy Madison production. She worked as the head of the film and was so productive. One of the famous movies she worked on was ‘the happy bunny.

Heather Parry

Heather believes that teamwork is the key to success and this is seen by how she runs the company. Parry feels every person in the art field has different unconventional angles and all should be given an opportunity to expound on their viewpoints. Apart from parry’s zeal. Her contact list plays a significant role in her company. This list of contact was created when she worked for the MTV news desk, and via this list, she can get more information on various projects.

Heather’s current objective was to maximize her assets to promote music-related films. It’s from this objective that Nation productions had the opportunity to produce ‘A star is born’, one of the biggest film. Parry knew that Bradley Was to direct this film, and she saw an opportunity to produce it. Being the go-getter she is, she had dinner with Bill Gerber’s, and after him visiting the Nation’s media marketing desk, he was convinced that they would make it. Heather believes that opportunities are out there and it’s up to her to grab them.