Equipping your kids for takeoff with Rocketship Education

Education is the necessary foundation in which all careers and dreams are made reality. Because of this, a failing educational system can haunt a child throughout their formative years and beyond. On the same token, a competent and engaging schooling program will work wonders in manifesting the dreams of a child. Dealing with poor facilities and faculty is one challenge, but how do you combat the sheer lack of inspiration in students? We’ve all experienced that dreadful sound of the first bell of the school day. The looming agony of being contained in a wooden box disguised as a desk lasts until the ring of the final bell. How is an educator supposed to provide inspiration in that environment? The logical answer to that would be, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Historically, the takeoff of combining public schools and personalized learning has been unsuccessful at best. The copious amounts of state level static partnered with the institutional hierarchy of schooling districts would be the main cause of engine failure most would say. Luckily, when your goal presents itself like the moon in the night sky, you assemble a team willing to go where, “No man has gone before”.

Celebrating 12 years since inception, Rocketship Public Schools has evolved to the model standard of how a public schooling system should “launch” students into their educational journey. The name itself is a tactical approach in reshaping the psyche of it’s student body, as well as it’s faculty. The K-5 public charters have become beacons of cultural acceptance in their communities by embracing kids of diverse backgrounds while spanning across the landscape of economic upbringings. The launchpad of Rocketship Education rests upon the foundational platform of prioritizing the personal learning experience with a public school mindset.

What sets Rocketship apart is the very reason this formula has exploded in the past. The missing piece from the equation was successfully launching personalized learning from the classrooms into the actual homes of the students. Having successfully “launched” 15,000 students throughout 19 schools in 4 states, Rocketship Public Schools, dare I say it, has taken off.

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