Lime Crime

Doe Deere has always had a love for creativity and entrepreneurship. At a young age, she was going around her town selling semi permanent tattoos to neighbors and friends. She hoped to have a successful career in the fashion and design industry, so she moved from Russia to New York to do so. She was in a band while in New York. She met her husband in the band.


Doe sought to find bold makeup colors in order to match her clothing. She couldn’t find it, and so she decided to create it. She fell in love with creating her own makeup, and decided that it was her true passion, so she decided to give it a shot.


Even though the odds seemed against her in creating an all online makeup line, she did it anyways. In 2008, she launched Lime crime, which features fewer products than it has now. In order to promote her products she made makeup tutorials for her blog using her own makeup, which really sparked her fans to grow an interest. She also did special prize giveaways, which also sparked her fans interest. Business started to pick up and the rest was history.


Doe is known as the unicorn queen of the makeup industry. She recreated fairytales and put them into her makeup. She twisted the two and created every little girls dream. Her products are unique and fun. Each product has a unique name. Doe’s love for fairytales is poured out throughout her work. In being herself, her creativity and individualism has helped her achieve her dreams. She loves her work, and wants to continue to create new makeup that everyone will love and enjoy.


Lime Crime also promotes love and equality for all creatures. Their products are all cruelty free and are certified vegan. This means that the makeup they produce is not tested on animals, and no animal ingredients or byproducts are used in creating Lime Crime’s products.


Lime Crime features matte lipsticks, highlighter, eyeshadow, metallic lipstick, glittery diamond crushers lip gloss, makeup brushes, semi permanent hair dye, and more. Their products are unique, fun, and daring. But Doe doesn’t plan on stopping there. She plans on creating more makeup and mixing it with creative fairytales. She is excited to see what the future hold for Lime crime, and to see where the journey will take her. She is always looking for products that her customers will be pleased with.


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Securus Technologies: Implementing Containment Systems To Reduce Cell Phones In Prisons

For a long time, Securus Technologies has stood as one of the most sought-after providers of prison communications technology. The company offers its services to a wide array of prisons situated in various locations across the country and has been a company that has paved the way for the industry and the standards that are implemented. The company has always viewed their own technological development as one of the frontal points of the organization and the services that they provide. Everything that the company has done has been for the development of their technology so that they can provide better services and thereby contribute to community safety.

Securus Technologies knows that communication is an incredibly important part of human life. Inmates too need a certain amount of communication with their loved ones to keep them grounded and so as to not completely severed their ties to the real world. However, these communication services can be misused, and there have been several instances where inmates take advantage of what is provided to them for their own personal gain. For this purpose, Securus Technologies decided that they would implement internal monitoring systems. They employed a team for each of the prisons to listen in on the calls that are being made by the inmates. This is done so as to prevent them from communicating any kind of criminal activity, or coordinating anything of an illegal nature. These services have proven to be immensely effective in dealing with inmates, and have become an essential part of the monitoring that correctional institutions have to implement.

However, even if there were services being offered to the inmates, they wanted to carry out their own private conversations that were free from monitoring. The inmates partaking in this were breaking the law and needed to be stopped at the earliest. Reports started surfacing about crimes being committed as a result of some form of communication that was done through a private line. Correctional officers were usually the target of this, which is why Securus Technologies knew that something needed to be done to tackle the issue.

The route that Securus Technologies took was to set up wireless containment systems that could tackle the problem efficiently and without any issues. These systems blocked the prisons from attaining any kind of cell phone reception. People who were using these unauthorized cell phones couldn’t do so because of the restrictions that were being placed, therefore rendering the devices completely useless. This helped reduce the problem that the prisons were facing and thereby caused the inmates to once again use the authorized phone lines and receive proper monitoring.

There is no doubt that Securus Technologies has done an incredible amount to safeguard society, and continues to do so with every endeavor that they undertake.

Duda Melzer Investments Improving Businesses

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known as Duda Melzer, a nickname given to him by his peers and people he works with. He is the grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky, the founder of Grupo RBS. Duda Melzer as commonly referred to, is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In addition to that, Duda Melzer also has an MBA from Harvard. Eduardo is the counselor for Ibere Camargo Foundation, Mercosul Biennial of arts,, and e.Bricks.

He started his career in the US before joining the family firm. Eduardo worked as a Senior Financial Analyst with Delphi and was also the General Director of the BoxTop Media. In the year 2015, Eduardo got nominated by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise as one of the next generation’s leaders that comprised of twenty-five members of the business community. The members are young and seen to be an excellent example for the coming generation.

Duda Melzer Investments has however mentioned John Davis as one of his role models. Davis is a lecturer at Harvard, and he is also a specialist in matters of family business. Davis and Grupo RBS share a relationship that goes way back in the year 1999 as the Sirotsky family believed that family business is handled with high professionalism. According to Mr. Melzer, better governance is the main thing that differentiates a successful company from other companies. You can visit Odiario to see more.

However, Eduardo cannot be a leader without following his predecessors’ concepts, and it is for this reason that he usually consults some of the successful business thinkers like Ram Charan and Jim Collins. Since he is mainly focused and has disciplined himself to business growth and sustainability, and also wants to add to the evolution of his country, he does not shy away from practicing cross-border networking and even more, the exchange of knowledge between business-minded people like him. Check out their website

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